03 August 2011

Oh no...healthy food! Federal Thugs raid Rawesome Foods

If there is any doubt left in your mind, let's be clear: war has been declared by the Federal Government on the People.

Experiencing its second attack within a year, Rawesome Foods, a whole and raw foods buying club located in Venice, California was raided by federal, state and local agencies today for selling healthy food. Apparently the agri-business owned and controlled USDA, FDA, and CDC don't want common people profiting on their exclusive turf, so what do they do but shut down all competition. It's exactly how the Mob works.

This is yet another perfect example of why the Federal Government must be dismantled. They are clearly not in the business of protecting people -- their only concern is protecting their corporate masters.

Multi-agency armed raid hits Rawesome Foods, Healthy Family Farms for selling raw milk and cheese on NaturalNews.

Rawesome Food raid videos begin to emerge from the scene where federal terrorists vandalized raw milk business
on Natural News

Donations to the Rawesome Foods legal defense fund are currently being accepted at the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center: www.ConsumerWellness.org

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