06 August 2011

A Legal Strategy for Immediately Creating Private Free Cities

In April 2011, the first Future of Free Cities conference was on the tropical island of Roatán in Honduras. The event brought together thinkers, educators and leaders from around the world for a series of high-level discussions that focused on how to establish successful politically autonomous communities.

A growing Interest in free cities continues to develop as the model of State Corporatism crumbles around us and people begin to recognize their individual and collective power to expand the concept individual liberty throughout the world.

The Future of Free Cities website can be found at freecity.ufm.edu

In this video excerpt from the conference, Kevin Lyons of Consent Unlimited explains how to use state-of-the-art technology and institutional design to dramatically lower the cost of consent-based "opt-in" contracts that can displace inefficient and unjust government mandated rules throughout the economy and society. The consent documentation and certification features he has designed is scalable from single contract clauses to broad contractual networks, with choice of law and arbitration venues. When merged with private land, a Private Free City™ can be created with the potential to deliver good law at low enough cost for the masses around the world: http://newmedia.ufm.edu/gsm/index.php/Lyonstrategy

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