27 September 2011

'Liking' shit on facebook ain't good enough

The Revolution Begins at Home - An Open Letter to Join the Wall Street Occupation
By Arun Gupta http://goo.gl/aGmOC

15 September 2011

SWAT team raids: Overkill fit only for a police state

"Back in the heyday of Stalin’s USSR, the very hallmark of its totalitarianism was the dreaded 'midnight knock on the door,' in which the police simply hauled people away, sometimes never to be seen again and often for reasons unrevealed to relatives and acquaintances of the person abducted. To this terrifying scenario, the American state has added the excitement of flash grenades, broken windows, battered doors, and often unnecessary gunfire. This rampant, gratuitous police violence is, to put it mildly, totally out of order in a place that many Americans continue to insist -- however bizarrely -- is a free society." http://ping.fm/ppBaI

03 September 2011

Anonymous' 3GB leak spotlights racist Texas law enforcement emails. Is racial hate and religious intolerance something the U.S. Justice Department approves of for those who are tasked with upholding justice? Every American who believes in liberty should be horrified, and alarmed. How many other peace officers think like this and is it hindering their ability to impartially enforce the law. This is yet more evidence that government monopolies of violence (police departments, military, sheriffs, etc.) must be abolished! As it is right now, cops are nothing but legalized mobsters.

02 September 2011

WikiLeaks: Israel doesn't "do Gandhi very well" in reaction to non-violent protests. http://ping.fm/TQpSb

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